Tuesday, January 1, 2013

360 Wave Guide For Beginners? (The Basics)

360 Wave Guide For Beginners?- First off when you are first getting wave you will need 3 brushes
Soft- For low cut and connections
Medium- For when you have longer length of hair and for deepness and connections
Hard- For when you are in a serious wolfing session to lay down hair and for your deepness and connections
You will also need a du rag or wave cap or anything that holds down your hair while you sleep. When you are first getting waves you want you hair to be low so you can train your hair from the root so it will be easier to wolf.(What is Wolfing?)- Is when you grow your hair out to better your waves. You will also need a good moisturizer if your hair is nappy you might need a stronger moisturizer if it is soft you can use a moisturizer that works for you. If you really want to get waves fast brush like crazy.. waves are not going to come over night you have to be dedicated to doing it ...brush until your arms starts to hurt.

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